Dublin Landings

Project: Dublin Landings, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1
Main Contractor: Ballymore Group
Roofing Contractor: Shamrock Asphalt Ltd
Roof System: Moy Materials – Paralon

Dublin Landings is an 8 block residential project based in Dublin Docklands – It consists of 10,000m2 of Flat Roof Systems of Paralon Torch on Warm Roof and Extensive Sedum Green Roof Systems. 

Paralon Torch on Warm Roof System with Tapered Insulation & Extensive Green Roof Sedum Systems

Warm Terraces:
Paralon Warm Roof system with Tapered Insulation on Concrete Deck

Enke Liquid System and Paralon Torch on system on Concrete Deck 

Paralon Torch on System on Concrete Deck